In the event that you are looking for a quality hands free headset for your mobile phone, then you might like the Plantronics Voyager Pro Bluetooth Headset. You may well find yourself having to accomplish things with your hands during a conference call. If you do a whole lot of driving, having a Bluetooth headset is a incredibly smart and safe alternative. There are a number of manufacturers who make Bluetooth headsets. They have are available in many diverse price ranges, but this one has turned out to be the best.

There are a variety of important reasons why you should contemplate the Plantronics Voyager PRO Bluetooth Headset for your personal headset. The ergonomics are excellent as it will fit you right away out of the packaging. The audio quality, even in the worst type of conditions, is very good. There are easily understood instructions, as well as a micro USB charger interface. You also have great power controls and automated voice prompts. It can keep going up to five days not having a charge during infrequent use and up to six hours of continuous talk time.

This headset is one of those products that get you ecstatic even before you start using it. On opening the bundle, it was a enjoyable surprise to find the instruction manual right away. Not only was it published in concise language, but additionally had easy-to-follow lessons and illustrations. Learning from the directions that the unit would have to be charged for at least 30 minutes just before using it for the first time. Compared to other headsets, the Plantronic Voyager PRO looks to be somewhat top heavy since it has a large battery attached.

After accomplishing the first charge, you are able to go ahead pair your headset with your cell phone. Pairing the wireless headset and the mobile phone is unbelievable easy to do. The straightforwardness in setting up the wireless headset is what amazed us. It furthermore includes different ear tips for various ear types. You can almost instantly adjust the microphone based on which ear you insert it. After concluding setting up the headset to fit your ear, you will have to get 1.5 hours for a full charge.

The moment you have everything set up, it is time for the demo run. The most beneficial thing to do is to somewhere where there are lot of people like in a active restaurant. Make several cell phone calls to people you normally call to see if there is any sort of difference from before. The audio quality was rated very high in many of the techie reviews. Second step is to see how well the bluetooth headset fits in your ear. It would be worthless to own the headset if it is uncomfortable. This is certainly key if you decide to put on glasses. While it may be the best for several people, you still want to make sure that it is good for you.

Without question that if you are seeking some headphones for use on your work out you’ll want some thing that supplies a cozy fit. Numerous bluetooth headsets which were designed for use during exercise appear to be short of audio quality nonetheless there are several on the market similar to the Plantronics Voyager Pros, that offers good audio quality, as well as a great secure fit together with a decent price level.

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The Dr. Dre Beats is clearly a head-turner but more than its good looks and style a huge number of people today feel like they have this sort of “edge” compared to others when using the headphones, especially in public. This means that they are not merely users of a great headphone, but they are persons who can afford to buy a Dr. Bre Beats headphone. Owners of this type of toy always seems to differ from the pack and perhaps that is because owning one speaks a lot about the person’s status symbol, or whatever that’s called. While the Dre Beats headphone has its own unique allure, there is also another headphone that is attracting a big number of followers: the HD 598 from Sennheiser. The Sennheiser, as we all know, is also a force to reckon with. Let’s check out what this baby can do…

Audio quality

Since the comfort level allows us to listen for as long as we want, it would be unfortunate if the sound quality didn’t deliver, yet the 598s fulfill such a high demand. Sennheiser offers a “mid-centric” or vocal-forward presentation coupled with a wide soundstage to put listeners in the middle of the music, starting from the center out. Treble is present, but in line with the bass. Combined with the strong mids, the overall signature is warm and laid back, especially in comparison to Grado models. The 598s are both engaging and relaxing, depending on what the recording calls for.


As the Sennheiser HD 598s are open-backed, there are certain precautions that you need to take in order to preserve your high-priced cans. Because the electronics are essentially bare to the elements, you should not take the Sennheiser HD 598s outside, nor should you let them come into contact with humid air, as this may over time damage your cans. The good news? Even though cables are often the first things to break on headphones, the Sennheiser HD 598s allow you to re-cable your cans easily should they break or suffer unacceptable internal wear and tear. This is a great feature to have, as we can tell you from horrible, horrible experience.

Great treble

At the opposite end, treble sounds shine benevolently. There’s plenty of breathing space in the midrange for vocalists to express themselves, and the HD598s integrate and organise every element confidently. A switch to the considerably more demanding Beethoven – The Symphoniesby Gewandhausorchester Leipzig under Riccardo Chailly rather exposes the Sennheisers as paper tigers, however. These are, at times, explosive recordings, brimming with drama and tension; the HD598s simply don’t have the dynamic brawn to deal effectively with them. For all their insight, refinement and easygoing nature, they’re short of the deep-breathing attack required to do the music justice.


The open-backed Sennheiser HD 598 headphones offer a jazzed-up take on the HD 558, which have been part of Sennheiser’s over-the-ears range for more than five years. They’re more visually striking than their predecessors, but anyone spending around £160 on headphones is probably going to care more about sound quality than a flash wood-texture veneer. Few Sennheiser headphones look as eye-catching as the HD 598s. With a cream and brown colour scheme, they stand out clearly from the hundreds of black and grey cans that the market’s stuffed full of – including the new, slightly cheaper HD 558.


The Sennheiser HD 598s are a decent pair of headphones. They offer good quality realistic sounds inside a nice luxurious package. However these are not ideal for anything other than using in the home. The lack of noise cancellation and the fact that everyone will be able to hear what you are listening to means that these are more suited to people with a preference for using their headphones indoors. As a pair of indoor headphones though, there are very few others on the market to rival the Sennhesier HD 598s, especially at a price of less than $500.

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When you are looking to buy a “kick-ass” piece of headphone, look no further. Beyerdynamic – a brand synonymous with quality and perfection – is constantly inching to the top of the stack and making its presence felt. There are lots of professional headphones being marketed and sold nowadays giving the average consumer a tough time choosing which among them is the best. But, Beyerdynamics is never worried about the growing rivalry as it rolls out the DT770 Pro for its meticulous clients who want only the finest in their audio listening experience.
But, can the Beyerdynamic keep the pace and dominate the competition? Let’s check out the reviews…

The basics

The DT 770 Pro 80s are surprisingly lightweight (about 9 ounces) full sized headphones intended mainly for studio use. But they’ve also found a loyal following among some home listeners. The rated impedance is 80 ohms and they have an “SPL” rating of 96 dB SPL. Those two numbers mean they’re a bit marginal for use with most portable players. There is a better DT770 version for portable use. More on that later. Full size circumaural cans come in two distinct flavors-open and closed. Most of the best sounding headphones are open to varying degrees. This allows the driver to be less affected by whatever is behind it.


With each headphone enclosure being mostly plastic, and the band being quite a thin and light substance, the overall weight of these headphones is fairly negligible considering they are very much a full sized circumaural headphone. I do find after a while my neck tends to lightly cramp, though I suppose this depends per person. Ear cups are not valour but are still very soft and comfortable. I find occasionally they can become a bit itchy (especially with facial hair or in hot climates) but in almost every case this isn’t noticeable. The headphone cable is on the left earcup and is not removable, which can be frustrating depending on the placement of your amplifier or source.


The Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO headphones are a bit big to wear out in public but, unless you’re willing to splash out some serious cash, big earphones are generally the way to get the best sound. Are the DT770 PRO headphones worth enduring the slings and arrows of public ridicule for though? We find out in this Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO review. Using a closed back design, the Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO headphones are great at keeping the outside world at bay. Get those ultra-comfortable velour pads clamped around your head and not only will you hardly be able to hear anything but your tunes, people around you won’t be able to hear anything either.


The low end is perfect despite what some might say about it being too “bassy”. I use these to play drums on my Roland TD3 kit as well for watching movies on my laptop and for casual music listening. They are phenomenal. I use these over my on-ear BOSE headphones when portability is not a factor (they are fairly bulky to travel with). One thing I would recommend is getting a headphone amplifier; I have the FiiO E7 and am very happy with it. The reason is that these 80 ohm headphones make for a somewhat lower volume than the casual listener is probably used to.


The Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro may not look very fun on the outside but inside it can certainly provide endless audio pleasure with the right music. It is a headphone for lovers of bass and those that need something for professional studio work. They are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time and the snug fit around the ear provides good noise cancellation.

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Headphones by Dr. Dre Beats are arguably the brand that has set the tone in top-brass Hollywood figures promoting what many audiophiles these days claim as the finest pair of cans ever made in recent history. In this particular scenario, the AKG Q701 headphones have been endorsed by no less than Quincy Jones himself, the multi-awarded Grammy musical guru. With a man of his caliber and repute, having collaborated with the “who’s who” in the musical and entertainment industry, a product is already a sure winner with the legend’s endorsement. “These are the only headphones I’ve heard that bring out the true sound we were striving for on records like “Billie Jean,” “Thriller” and “Give Me the Night”. It’s the best-quality sound I’ve heard, ever.” Great review coming from a great man. But, can the product really deliver?


AKG has a good track record and we’ve fond memories of models going back decades. With the new Q701, features that stand out in the specification include flat-wire voice coils and two-layer diaphragms. Both of these are relatively common in loudspeakers, but the smaller dimensions of headphone drive units make them harder to implement and AKG must have spent some time over the microscope working these out. Flat wire allows voice coils to be wound more efficiently, with less wasted space, than the usual round wire, while diaphragms using two-layer construction can be quite less resonant and, therefore, more accurate-sounding than most single-layer techniques will allow.


At 235 grams, the Q701 is quite light for a headphone of this size. The large circular velour earpads are very comfortable, and are easily removed with a quick counter-clockwise twist for replacement when needed. Just remember that the pads are thicker towards the rear so orientation is important during replacement. Unlike most headphones, the headband automatically adjusted with small elastic bands connected between the earcup and headband. I’ve always been somewhat leery of this arrangement, but found in practice that it works quite well. The elastic bands have been known to wear out over a number of years; hobbyists have discovered they can be replaced with a properly sized elastic band used by women to tie up their pony tails.

Design and Features

We were starting to think that a musician’s endorsement was something of a death knell for audio equipment, but the Q701′s – the flagship product in AKG’s Quicy Jones-sponsored line-up – proves that theory conclusively wrong. Where Jay-Z and Dr Dre’s names on the packaging of the Skullcandy Aviators and Monster Beats respectively counts for no more than the assurance that you’ll be paying over the odds for what lies within, even if they weren’t available for a decent chunk under their £499 recommended price is the Q701s would be worthy of recommendation. At the sub-£360 they can be found for they are, if not a bargain, certainly a safe investment.

Sounds like love

The 701s claim to be premium reference headphones, so we expected some serious audio delights to ripple through our brains. Thankfully, we weren’t disappointed. Vanessa Carlton’s beautiful Home was reproduced with such excellent clarity that we came over all romantic and proposed marriage to her via email. She hasn’t replied yet. Similarly, we were delighted by the details we could pick out in Sigur Ros’ Staralfur. Closing our peepers, we almost felt we were listening to the string sections being played live in a concert hall. Even at high volumes, there was minimal distortion.


Reviewers are universally agreed that the sound quality of the AKG Q701 Quincy Jones headphones is simply superb. They cover a phenomenal frequency range and give you a real sense of ‘space’. As with everything in life, quality comes with a price tag, but if you love to hear music with clarity and depth then these are money well spent. It’s worth bearing in mind that these headphones are open backed, and consequently leak sound and wont mask background noise. So not ideal for the commute to work, but then that’s not what these headphones are for. They’re for becoming immersed in music at home where you can take pleasure in every note and stanza, just as the artist intended.

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This week Monster has launched a pair of gold plated headphones costing a staggering £20gs! Wow! Now thats what I call a price tag! Whether you get a similar jump in performance is another matter, but if you’re a rich rapper, celebrity or sports star looking for some bling then look no further.

Below I’ve added some links from Google news feed for more information on these Monster Headphones with a Monster price tag!

Monster’s gold-plated £20000 headphones come to Harrods
Digital Spy UK
Costing a cool £20,000, the one-of-a-kind Monster Diamond Tears Sally Sohn Edition headphones are plated in 18 carat gold and feature a spider encrusted with 5.56 carats of black diamonds crawling over the ear cover. Korean artist and jewellery
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Logitech UE 9000
The basic premise behind wireless headphones is great – no wires, no cable noise and no real ties to your music player beyond the range of whatever wireless standard your headphones happen to use. The reality, however, is often quite different.
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Duobuds Stack Multiple Headphones Into A Single Socket
Cult of Mac
The db on these headphones stands not for douche-bag but for Duobuds. And now you’ll have no excuse not to share your music when somebody asks – unless you’re the d-bag, that is. The Duobuds look like any other pair of low-rent earbuds, the kind
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NYC Initiative Targets Earbud Headphones and Hearing Loss
The New American
There apparently is no limit to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Nanny State. In his latest public health initiative, Bloomberg is targeting earbud headphones. Bloomberg and NYC public health officials are planning a social media campaign to
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Bloomberg Launches Social Media Campaign Targeting Earbud Headphones
The Inquisitr
As it stands, the campaign is just a health education program, and despite the mayor’s reputation, there’s no indication that Michael Bloomberg will go after headphones in the same way he cracked down on large sodas or pursued other public health

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Monster Diamond Tears Sally Sohn Edition headphones now
By Rik Henderson
Since Monster and Beats parted company a while back, the former has been exploring other interesting ways to enhance the headphone experience, including.

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Monster unveils new £20,000 headphones – Yahoo! News UK
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Monster Headphones | Style & Tech
Nokia Purity Monster Headphones have been in the news a lot recently with the release of their exciting products, Swizz Beats becoming co-owner and…/monster-headphone…

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Noise reduction headphones, also referred to as noise cancelling headphones, have been around in the marketplace for the last decade. These headphones make use of a technology created for military pilots of helicopters and airplanes to decrease and, in some instances, block out the noise of jet engines and rotor blades completely. This enables them to more easily listen to what exactly is being told to them through the headphones.


The headphones are able to block out the encircling noise thanks to a small mic that detects the surrounding ambient noise. The microphone then informs the headphones to create a frequency to cancel that of the frequency encircling the wearer. When a sound frequency is totally opposite, or polarized, the two frequencies clash and block one another out, hence noise canceling headphones.


If you’ve ever tried listening to headphones on a plane or on the commute to work, you’ll know how invasive the exterior sounds can be. One solution is to turn up the volume level to counter the encircling sounds, but this may lead to the music to become distorted and listening to music at high volumes for long periods is also going to put you at risk of developing ear problems.

But if you dont pump up the volume then you cannot enjoy your music as you would at home, and instead have a boring train or plane ride to look forward to. Lots of travellers want to listen to their music at a reasonable volume, this has led to the rapid rise in sales of noise reducing headphones

There are many occasions when noise cancelling technology is useful. This includes on flights to block out jet engine noise, to escape the noise created by other family members at home and to drown out the conversations of fellow commuters. An additional beneficial feature of noise reduction headphones is that the sound cancellation works in two ways. Not only is it a benefit to the owner of the headphones but it also insulates the sound from disturbing other passengers sat close by, allowing both the listener and surrounding passengers to enjoy their journey in peace.


AKG K495 Premium Active Noise Cancelling Headphones – Along with Sennheiser, AKG is one of the most reputable headphones brands. To recharge them, these headphones can be plugged into the USB port of a laptop and charged for use of up to 34 hours. Unlike other noise reducing headphones, these work without the mode engaged, although at a cost of losing some bass . They sound amazing! The full range is detailed and smooth and gives both detailed highs and mids, and the bass is crisp and punchy.

Panasonic RP-HC700 Noise Cancelling Headphones – The noise cancelling capabilities of the Panasonic RP-HC700 headphones is impressive and they are really relaxing to wear. They come with a sturdy carry case and a detachable 3.5mm cable (to enable them to be used solely as a noise cancelling headset ) and a compact jack plug adapter for use on a plane. The style is a tiny retro but still quite smart and the blue LED on light is very refined.

Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones – Bose creates some of the most respectable noise cancelling headphones money can buy. They are the perfect headphones for people that commute on public transport or fly a lot. They feature great noise reducing technology for eliminating the noise of rumbling aircraft engines and the sound created by other passengers. Along with having outstanding sound reduction abilities, the Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones are also excellent headphones for listening to midrange music, like jazz and classical, at home.

Sennheiser MM550-X Travel Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – These headphones are intended for frequent travellers, featuring Bluetooth for connecting to an iPhone. Your bluetooth device can be controlled from the headphones, with a few easy to use controls on the right-hand earcup. You can also experiment with various types of sound production, for example increased bass, a wider sound stage or CD quality sound reproduction.. These headphones are over the ear, which means they’ll filter out a lot of the background noise on their own without being switched on.

In addition to these, there are lots of other noise cancelling headphones available, due to the number of people that want to listen to their music on planes or on the commute to work in peace. So check out the best headphones reviews so you’ll be able to listen to your music and movies on long journeys without being annoyed by the people around you.

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For more than half a century, Sennheiser has stamped its class in the headphone business and has always been busy creating top-of-the-line headphones. The German-made Sennheiser is renowned for its great design and excellent audio engineering that gives its celebrity-endorsed headphone rivals a run for their money. For instance, the HD650 reference range has been making quite a noise in the mainstream headphone landscape, proof of the brand’s strong marketing strategies and effective promotions. Here are some reviews to give you an idea:


The Sennheiser HD 650s are intended for home rather than portable listening–they’re too big and bulky for on-the-go use. The headphones are also rather power hungry, so puny iPods and MP3 players won’t supply enough juice to produce much volume. With that in mind, we conducted all of our auditions on a home-theater system. We first popped on the Master and Commander DVD to explore the limits of the HD 650s’ home-theater prowess. The naval battles’ cannon fire exchanges never came close to fazing the Sennheisers. Bass was fuller than that of any other headphone we’ve ever used, and the sound appeared to come from the other side of the room.

Inside and out

The HD650s are understated and elegant with a glossy dark titanium finish. They aren’t flashy or particularly impressive in appearance and don’t give off a “look at my $500 headphones” kind of vibe. I quite like this as I don’t always want my tools to be shiny. They feature felt ear cups in line with the tradition of Sennheiser headphones, which were a little stiff when new. I realized, however, that I was used to my 6 or 7 year-old HD580s which have been ridden hard and put away wet. If these are a little tight on your head at first, keep in mind that they will soften up with wear.

Low distortion

Peering through the open-back of the HD650, there’s a fine metal mesh, which is Sennheiser’s way of damping the movement of the drivers and reducing resonance. Distortion is also claimed to be particularly low, thanks to improvements in the magnet structure, while high-frequency extension is aided by the use of aluminium voice-coil windings. Pair matching is claimed to be very good at ±1dB, a more plausible figure than some we’ve seen – bearing in mind that the smallest degree of misalignment on the head (or indeed on a test fixture) can easily contribute a few tenths of a dB of mismatch.

Awesome bass

I won’t make any sweeping claims here, but the HD650 is a very good headphone for its current price. The first thing you’ll notice is the darker, lush tone. This darker nature is interpreted by some as a veil, but I do not notice one with my current setup. However, if I substitute a less powerful amp (Matrix CUBE) in place of the Matrix m-stage, I do hear a veil of sorts, though it is not obtrusive. The bass on this headphones is awesome. Has great impact and PRAT, especially in comparison to the AKG K702. However, it does lack a little of the bass extension that the K702 has.


These headphones offer amazing treble and mid range sounds, but where the Sennheiser HD650s really score highly with reviewers is the awesome bass and accurate soundstage that surpasses most headphones in the high end market.

On the downside, being open backed these leak sound like a sieve. So it’s not advisable to take these on the train or bus, unless you want to get looks for all the wrong reasons. But that’s not what they’re for. The Sennheiser HD650 headphones are for enjoying music as though you are there in the studio, to be savoured and submerged in without background noise to disturb you.

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There are two reasons why many audio experts today look up to the Grado SR325is Prestige: 1) the man who created it was renowned for his genius in headphone design, and 2) that man – Joseph Grado – was elevated to the Audio Hall of Fame in 1982 for his innovation and ingenuity. Since then, his nephew – John Grado – took command of the business and came up with the Statement, Reference and Prestige lineup that kept the brand’s state of the art audio innovation and retro styling.

Can Grado still keep up with the current trend and stiff competition in the market today? Or, did the brand lose its appeal with the retirement of its founder? Let’s examine some of the features of the Grado SR325is Prestige to know the answers.


What does the i stand for in the new SR325is from Grado? Improved, that`s what! Yes, Grado has taken one of the world`s most acclaimed headphones and taken it a few steps further. The new SR325is has an upgraded driver design, and they have enlarged and improved the mass distribution in the metal housing. The way the SR325is new driver and metal housing move air and react to sound vibrations are now less affected by transient distortions. With the SR325is you will notice improved control of the upper and lower range of the frequency spectrum with both better supporting Grado`s world renowned midrange.

Sound quality

The SR325is, and Grados in general, are a strange balancing act of brightness and warmth with a small-ish soundstage which put you ‘on stage’ with the band. The certainly aren’t closed in sounding as typical of ‘phones with smaller soundstages but they put everything relatively close together and put you in the middle of the action in a small and intimate setting. Instruments are well separated but not as sharply imaged as some other ‘phones like my Sennheiser HD650s or Beyerdynamic DT770/600 ohm. The treble is very emphasized and relatively clear, making these bright headphones. It’s well extended and fairly detailed, but not the most accurate in its price bracket.

Excellent Transparency at a Sensible Price

Most audiophiles who’ve been around for a while retain fond memories of at least one Grado product. Over the years, the Brooklyn-based company has carved out a niche in phono cartridges and headphones that marries value with musical excellence. At the same time, that musicality often gets associated with a certain “Grado sound.” That sound sets Grado apart from other companies, and is held in reverence by Grado fans. The SR325is is the top of Grado’s entry-level Prestige line. While that almost sounds contradictory (tall short people?), it helps to remember that Grado’s reputation is built on delivering high performance products at entry-level prices. The Prestige line starts with the $49 iGrado, but really hits its stride with the justly famous SR60i at $79.

Design and Ergonomics

The SR325i headphones leave an odd impression. On one hand, this model has a simple, even primitive, design: a flat head-band, round foam-rubber ear-pads (not even trimmed with fabric). The height adjustment is implemented with simple steel rods that move up and down in the plastic casing. The association provoked by this design is that of a radio operator from the times of World War 2. But on the other hand, the quality of manufacturing cannot be unnoticed: the head-band is trimmed with natural leather (as opposed to the Grado SR80 with its plastic imitation). The casings are milled out of aluminum and anodized to a golden color.


People who buy Grado headphones know their cans. So, as you’d expect, they are a tough audience to please. No Dr Dre Beats headphones newbies here. The Grado SR325is Prestige headphones earn a lot of praise for the brightness and warmth of the sound stage, which puts you on stage among the band or orchestra.

One headphones reviewer felt the instruments were well separated but not as sharply as imagined on the Sennheiser HD650s, so you might want to check these out before putting any money down.

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There is a bewildering range of headphones available and picking out just one single set of headphones can be quite a complicated choice. One of the many ways you are able to limit the number and help to make your decision of headphones easier is to try to take into consideration how you want to utilize your headphones. Different headphones are more appropriate for use in specific situations, so here we’ve provided many of the typical situations when you’d use them together with a number of pointers to help you choose the best headphones for you.


If you ever travel a good deal then you might need to have a pair of the best bluetooth headphones to help you block out the majority of the outside noise and also pump some of your most liked sounds into your ear drums. While looking for some headphones for traveling comfort level is usually a consideration as well as noise cancellation capability. Something like the PSB M4U 2 Sound Cancelling Headphone might be fantastic. These provide a fantastic mix of ease and comfort together with excellent noise cancelling technology.


For headphones that’ll be put into use at your home it’s best to for the most part be checking out full sized headphones that come with a full sized phono jacks that’ll fit into your home music system. Most use at home headphones that can be found nowadays for example Audio-Technica ATH-M50, have a common three.5mm connector coupled with a good adaptor to convert these to full size for your home audio system. Which means they can be used in a great many other gadgets including MP3s as well.


Every now and then you just need some headphones which can complement your personal style together with reveal that you’re a cool and trendy person. In cases where audio quality, comfort not to mention price are not details that bother you then the Beats by Dre range of headphones might well be an excellent option for you. Dre Beats headphones are really leading the on-going headphone fashion fad and classy headphones much like the Monster Beats by Dre Solo are perfect for the fashion aware personal beats listener. In relation to audio reproduction they are not the highest quality headsets out there, yet they’re well made, eye-catching and also popular.


Its fair to say that when you are looking for a pair of headphones for use in your workout routines then you will want a product which gives a comfortable fit. Many headphones which you’ll find are intended for use during physical activity frequently be lacking quality of sound nevertheless there are a few available on the market for instance the Polk Audio UltraFit 2000, which supplies excellent sound quality, in addition to a great secure fit and also a decent cost.

It’s possible to become overwhelmed because of the assortment of headsets that you can buy, yet by using a little bit of invested time it is possible to identify a product that might be ideally appropriate for your personal taste. It is usually better not to jump on the buzz bandwagon which oftentimes accompany brandsBeats by Dre headphones rather go to the trouble to consider additional headphones that could in fact be far better than the over-hyped brands.

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AKG is well-respected for creating some of the most sought-after headphones in the market today, with the brand’s high-performance AKG K701s getting the nod of music addicts as well as regular music lovers alike. If the K701s are too heavy for your pocket, then the K550s just might suit you, the premier headphones in the mid-range class. What makes the AKG lineup very competitive is that these headphones offer the most ideal balance between the noise-isolating capability of closed-back headphones coupled with the finest sound of those with an open-design. A good number of headphone critics were awed by the performance of the AKG K550, giving it a perfect 5/5 rating. But, what do other critics think about the gadget? Read on…

Minimizing noise

The AKG K550 is a set of over-the-head headphones that is designed to keep ambient noise out, while delivering realistic sound. These AKG headphones weigh 8.3 oz, and feature a closed back design on the ear-cups, allowing for a truly private listening experience. It includes large cushioned ear-cups and a padded headband for long term listening comfort. The AKG K550 is equipped with 50-mm drivers that help to deliver powerful, clear sound from nearly any audio source. These over-the-head headphones have a frequency response range of 12 Hz to 28 kHz and an impedance of 32 Ohms. The AKG headphones have a sensitivity of 114 dB.


There’s no question that one of the AKG 550s most distinctive features are their appearance. The ear pads are the size of dinner plates, sending the message that the wearer takes their music seriously and they want to be able to hear every cymbal and piano cord in distinct clarity. Big and bold, the AKG 550s are exceptionally comfy to wear without being as heavy as they may look. This means you can wear them for hours without needing a neck brace, although there have been comments that the closed design and large earpads can cause your ears to feel hot after a while. So I think the ‘audiophiles earmuffs’ would be a worthy nickname.

Customer Reviews

The K550s have an entirely new headband design. Unlike my K702s and my K271s this one does not self-adjust for different head sizes. You have to adjust it yourself. Fortunately this is very simple and the advantage with this headband is that it is much neater and closer to the head all round, so you look less like a cyberman. Another advantage with the K550 design is that the headphones will fold flat-ish. This is very useful for putting them in a briefcase (which is what I do), along with your laptop or what-have-you. However these are pretty large headphones so even flat they are quite a big object, but much easier to deal with in their flattened state.

Clarity and power

Lightweight, comfortable and stylish: perfect at home and on-the-go Real Image Engineering for accurate definition and impression of width, distance and depth Closed-back design for a fully personal listening experience 50mm drivers for outstanding sound from any deviceLarger drivers, richer soundThe AKG® K550 reference-class headphones’ 50-millimeter (2-inch) drivers are the largest of any AKG headphones in their product class. They deliver rich, lifelike sound across a frequency range of 12Hz to 28kHz, with the full dynamics and 3-D spatial imaging of a live performance. Their closed-back design ensures that you’ll hear your music exactly as its creators intended you to hear it, with little ambient sound to distract you.

Masterful balance between noise-isolating and spacious

With the K 550s, AKG® engineers have struck a masterful balance between the noise-isolating qualities of closed-back headphones and the spacious, dimensional sound of an open-back design – creating reference-class headphones ideal for private listening both at home and on the go. 50mm drivers, the largest in the AKG product line, deliver great sound from your hi-fi system or virtually any portable device. The large ear cups and new headband design ensure an amazingly comfortable fit, and the 2D-axis mechanism folds flat to stow or go. Lightweight, comfortable and stylish: perfect at home and on-the-go

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